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Reporting In - TBD

Posted on Sun Jan 24, 2021 @ 5:29pm by Commander Amanda Malloy & Lieutenant Vott Paans & Captain Larisna Koralova

Mission: Mission 2 - "Drawing Deeply From The Well"
Location: USS Hornet - Transporter Room

The blue light faded, as the familiar, yet at the same time, unfamiliar transporter room appeared before him. Lieutenant Vott Paans, a Bolian lieutenant stood there, with one duffel bag over his shoulder. The rest of his belongings he had arranged to be transported to the cargo bay and he would gather them when he had time. The U.S.S. Georgiou had been gracious enough to transport him from his last posting on the Boise to his new one, here on the Hornet. Going from a Excelsior to a Century would be a little bit of a change, but a welcome one. The Bolian male looked around the transporter room, the usual transporter operator stood behind the controls, doing final checks probably, and also standing there were two women, in command red uniforms. Stepping off the transporter pad, Vott snapped to attention, "Lieutenant Vott Paans, reporting as Chief Operations Officer, sirs."

"Welcome aboard Lieutenant Vott, I am Lt Commander Amanda Malloy the former Chief Operations Officer. You are my replacement so to say, I was promoted to executive officer. I am very glad meet you." Amanda said, extending her hand in friendship.

Larisna stepped up as well, "Lieutenant, welcome. Commander Larisna Koralova, Commanding Officer for the Hornet." She said with a welcoming smile and a nod.

"Thank you Commanders." The Bolian man said. Turning to the XO, "Congratulations on your promotion." Vott acknowledged what she had just told him, he took her hand in the Human way and smiled. Turning to the Commanding Officer, "Commander, thank you for approving my transfer."

"Actually she was promoted to full captain just a few days ago, Mr. Vott." Amanada said.

"Yes, well, I'm sure Captain Riker had trouble adjusting after as long as he spent..." Larisna commented, "But your transfer did not come easily, your previous Captain did not part with you easily." She said with a grin.

"Oh? I'm sure there is an interesting story there, Mr. Vott"? Amanda asked.

“My apologize, Captain.” Vott said, “Not really, sir. I just wanted a change of scenery. A Miranda class can only be patched up so many times before you starting patching up the patches that you patched the week before. So, I wanted a little bit newer assignment. Selfish reasons really, but nothing in the rule books saying I can’t request a transfer.”

"True. And some Captains do try to keep who they can from looking for that change of scenery. But a jump from a Miranda to a Century...the only thing that'd be an even greater leap would be if you got a posting on the Vesta." Larisna commented with a chuckle, "Regardless, we're glad to have you aboard. It's a new ship, new crew. Interesting times to be had for sure."

"Indeed, Captain." Amanda said.

"Quite a bit of difference between a Century class and a Miranda class. I think you will like it here." Amanda added.

"Yes there is ma'am." Vott answered the XO, "There will be quite a bit more for me to do here."

"So tell me whats your specialty, Mr Vott?" Amanda asked.

"Cargo handling. That is where I spent most of my time, but I am also certified to operate and repair transporters." The Bolian man said with a confident smile.

Larisna nodded in approval, "An often overlooked specialty, Lieutenant. Good. Well, as I said, a new crew and a new ship. We're still finding our common bonds and the ship was passed to us straight away after shakedowns. You'll get to know everyone though, both working with them and I like to hold weekly meetings. Holdover from my stint at Starfleet Academy." She said.

"Commander Malloy here will get you up to speed on the specifics of your job, but my door is always open. And I'm not just saying that. I tend to prefer a more open command style, since after all, you all have to trust me to make the right calls just as much as I have to trust you to do your jobs." Larisna said with a smile.

Chief Operations Officer is the Department Chief of Operations on a ship/station or facility. They look out for their department officers/enlisted for any problems that may arise and well being. They report to the Executive Officer which is me, of the ship/station/facility they are assigned to, or if there isn't one the Commanding Officer. Chief of Operations, the officer charged with responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the ships power, environmental, Computer systems and other key systems.

Your specific tasks will be:

Maintenance of internal roster including promotions.
Provides promotion recommendations to his Commanding Officer.
Participation in group functions, such as ceremonies.
Involvement daily activities around this ship/station.
Staff motivation.
Participate in ship/station Senior Staff meetings.

"That's the generic outline I will go into specifics when the need arises or whenever you have questions." Amanda said.

"Did you have any questions you'd like answered now?" The XO added.

"If not then you are dismissed." Amanda said.



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Captain Koralova
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USS Hornet


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