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Commander Larisna Koralova

Name Larisna Koralova

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill/Human Hybrid
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 10”
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description At a glance, Larisna does not look like she is half-Trill, as her “spots” are barely visible on normally exposed areas, though they are prominent on the normal areas from below her shoulders down. She prefers to wear her brown hair up or at shoulder length.


Father Captain Viktor Koralov (ret.) - Retired
Mother Diplomatic Attache Officer Mayev Koralova Segen
Brother(s) Commander Alexander Koralov - Starfleet Academy Instructor
Sister(s) Commander Emony Koralova - Starfleet JAG Legal Counsel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Larisna is a contrast to her Tactical background at a first glance, being approachable and generally friendly. This does not mean she does not retain a stern side, but rather as a result of her career, she learned to not let it dictate her personality. In difficult situations, Larisna has learned to remain calm under pressure, knowing full well that her actions will set the example for others. It does not mean that she does not become heated or unemotional, but it is on the forefront of her mind to be the example.
Ambitions Now that Larisna has her first command, she hopes to carry out Starfleet’s mandate of exploration and get away from the trend of looking inward and with fear and trepidation towards the future. She is not overly concerned with if she makes Admiral or not, just so long as she can set the example of what Starfleet should be doing now and that the new generation of officers do not have to live through the horrors like hers did through the Dominion War.
Hobbies & Interests Larisna is an avid student of history, though her career had her looking mainly at military history. She is also interested in the new technologies and ships that Starfleet is developing, even if she is not an engineer by trade.

Personal History Born to a Human Starfleet Officer and a Trill Diplomat, Larisna was the oldest of three children. As both of her parents often were drawn away due to their duties, Larisna and her siblings would either spend time with her mother’s family on Trill or her father’s family on Earth, which exposed them to both halves of their heritages. Larisna had hopes of becoming Joined like her mother, and applied to the Trill Symbiosis Commission at 17. Though her scores were good, her application was rejected due to her mixed heritage and the risk it held for a Symbiote. However, at the behest of her mother and father, Larisna had also submitted an application to Starfleet Academy, who approved her application for the following year. She was placed on the Operations Track and specialized in Security/Tactical with a minor in Command and graduated on the eve of the Dominion War breaking out.

Larisna was assigned to the security team of the USS Savannah and would serve most of the Dominion War there. When the Dominion invaded Betazed, the Savannah was assigned to evacuation with a small group of other ships, even as Jem’Hadar troops were beaming down and laying waste to the peaceful world. While assisting in the evacuation of government officials, Larisna rallied a group of personnel to hold off a superior force of Jem’Hadar until they could be beamed out. Her actions earned her a commendation and promotion and set the tone for her leadership style - always putting others above her own well-being and leading from the front.

Larisna would remain on the Savannah until it was destroyed by Dominion forces at the Second Battle of Chin’toka, where the use of Breen energy dampening weapons rendered the allied force utterly helpless. She would be returned to Earth after being rescued by Klingon forces but would not be reassigned by the time the war ended. Though shaken by the loss of some of her closest friends and colleagues with the loss of the Savannah, Larisna would manage to recover and was hopeful that peace would see a return of the Starfleet her father served.

She returned to duty aboard the USS Knox, once again as a member of the Security Team. With the Knox, she would see service mainly participating in patrol and reconstruction missions, and Larisna bore witness to the aftermath of the Dominion War and the lasting damage it had left to the Alpha Quadrant. In her off duty hours, she began to study the tactics of the war and submitted several thesis papers on how to improve Starfleet’s response in the future to Starfleet Academy. Within two years, she was promoted and made Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer of the USS Knox, developing her leadership skills.

Her analysis of the Dominion War was noticed by several ranking members of Starfleet and this saw her career changed after completing a 4 year tour of duty with the USS Knox on patrols. Larisna was moved to the USS Galaxy and made Assistant Chief Strategic Officer, where she found that she had a knack for studying the larger picture. Because of her new posting, she was often involved with developing wargame plans that would be implemented by Starfleet Command. However, it did lead Larisna to worry that Starfleet was becoming fixated with the past while trying to move forward, and these concerns only intensified when she took on the role of Chief Strategic Officer and her coordination with Starfleet Command only intensified.

Larisna was starting to grow disappointed with Starfleet abandoning its own mandate out of fear and paranoia, particularly since the Galaxy itself was not being used as the deep space explorer it was supposed to be, rather continuing to act as a battle group flagship for some hypothetical war or another. She would become Executive Officer of the Galaxy, a posting that was seen as highly prestigious and would land her any command, short only of having the same position on the Enterprise. However, after numerous attempts to convince her superiors to release the Galaxy to resume exploration duties failed, Larisna had a crisis of faith, and recent responses to some very serious disasters only deepened it. She resigned her post and took an Instructor role with Starfleet Academy.

At this point, Larisna was considering resigning her commission altogether. She had survived the Dominion War but it was clear to her that so much of Starfleet had not and even the very ideals of the Federation had been damaged. She began to question much of herself and her career until one of her superiors came to her with an offer. A new ship was finally clearing the final stages of construction and would need a new crew after her shakedown. It was the USS Hornet, a Century-class vessel that was supposed to be an explorer but had also faced the question of even having its construction even completed. After confirming that Starfleet Command had no intention of placing an overly complicated vessel like the Hornet on dedicated tactical duties, Larisna submitted her request to be considered for command of the ship. With the list of candidates rather short and the majority not interested in a Century-class, Larisna was selected to become the Hornet’s commanding officer once it completed shakedown.
Service Record 2369 - Application submitted to Starfleet Academy along with application to Trill Symbiosis Commission. Starfleet Academy application approved with recommendation from Trill Symbiosis Commission (Initiate application rejected due to mixed heritage). Placed on Starship Operations Track. (Major: Starfleet Tactical/Security, Minor: Command Track)
2373 - Graduated and Commissioned as Ensign. Assigned to USS Savannah, Security Team
2374 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG, received Commendation for bravery during evacuation of Betazed.
2375 - Survivor of loss of USS Savannah during Second Battle of Chin’toka. Returned to Earth for recuperation.
2376 - Reassigned to USS Knox, Security Team
2378 - Promoted to Lieutenant, moved to Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer
2382 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, reassigned to USS Galaxy as Assistant Chief Strategic Officer
2386 - Promoted to Commander and Chief Strategic Officer
2388 - Moved to Executive Officer, USS Galaxy
2391 - Reassigned to Starfleet Academy, Strategic Operations Instructor
2393 - Reassigned, Commanding Officer, USS Hornet