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Lieutenant Arim Kade

Name Arim Kade M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Beta Cassian
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 187 cm (6'2")
Weight 76.2 kg (168 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Father Odellar Kade
Mother Mira Kade
  • Seturia Kade
  • Ranora Kade

  • Personality & Traits

    Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Fairness (+)
  • Optimism (+)
  • Compassion (+)
  • Pacifism (+)

  • Overthinking (-)
  • Morally unambiguous (-)
  • Withdrawn (-)
  • Passive (-)
  • Ambitions Goals:
  • To heal and care for others, especially those most vulnerable and in need
  • To help people be the most successful they can be at achieving their potential
  • To be someone others can trust, both as a friend and also a confidant

  • To demonstrate his capability as leader of the Hornet's medical department
  • To earn command, preferably of either a medical vessel or a research vessel
  • To make his family proud, especially his mother (who inspired him to medicine)
  • Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests:
  • Strategic games (e.g. chess, Kal-toh)
  • Martial arts (for focus and discipline)
  • Reading
  • Nature enthusiast
  • People watching
  • Traveling

  • Beta Cassian
  • Federation standard
  • Arabic
  • Vulcan
  • Romulan

  • Personal History Personal History

    Arim Kade was born 23 April 2363 at the regional medical center in Phergan on Beta Cassius. He and his family lived in the nearby village of Elssea along the east coast of the subcontinent. His mother, Mira, was a well respected healer among the community and his father, Odellar, was a teacher at the local primary school. They lived together with his two younger sisters, Seturia and Ranora, in a modest apartment only a short distance from the shoreline.

    Kade attended Voido Primary Learning Center and, later, Elyon Secondary School. It was not uncommon for his teachers to describe him as quiet, studious, and a pleasure to have in class. He worked hard and often performed well on most assignments. As a matter of fact, his talent for academic achievement was surpassed only by his sincere, genuine concern for the well-being of those around him. This was perhaps most apparent in the ways Kade consistently reached out to his classmates, especially when they seemed to be struggling, and helped them wherever possible. He shared his parents’ belief in pacifism and was not afraid to stand up for others when the situation demanded it.

    When he wasn’t at school, Kade spent a lot of time watching his sisters, helping out at his mother’s clinic, and hanging out with his friends. One of their favorite places to go was the nature preserve just north of the village. Kade enjoyed being out in the forest and hiking the trails along the shoreline. He and his friends would pretend they were the great explorers visiting alien worlds or some adventurers like the ones they read about in stories. As they grew older, their imaginary games turned into overnight camping trips where they would stay up late talking about all manner of things.

    Kade’s academic success and his volunteer experience were enough to qualify for many post-secondary opportunities. There were plenty of folks willing to offer their advice as to which path they felt might be the best one for him. In the end, however, it was the possibility of a career in Starfleet that really captured his imagination. Starfleet offered him both a chance to realize his childhood dreams of adventure while also being able to help other people. The matter was pretty well settled when an opportunity to shadow a Starfleet medical officer inspired him to finally sit down and start an application.

    Starfleet Training

    In the summer of 2381, Kade arrived on the Pacifica campus of Starfleet Academy to begin training. He quickly discovered both the school as well as Pacifica at large had a lot to offer when it came to experiencing the diversity of the Federation. In addition to meeting people from worlds he had only ever heard mention of, Kade found that the coursework tackled subjects he’d not had as much chance to delve into back home. It wasn’t long before he started reaching out to those around him, making acquaintances with his fellow cadets, and finding ways to get involved.

    Kade served two tours in the field aboard starships - an enlisted cruise on the USS Warakurna and an officer cruise with the medical department on the USS Galatea. These experiences were everything Kade could have hoped for and they affirmed for him in a rather meaningful way his choice to join Starfleet. He graduated with honors in 2385, having earned general degrees in Xenology and Pre-Medicine. His education continued at the Starfleet Medical Academy campus on Trill where he went on to study Family and Emergency Medicine. This included a two year medical residency aboard the USS Al-Ruhawi near what was formerly the Romulan Neutral Zone.

    Career History

    Following graduation, Kade was assigned to the USS Mikasa as the deputy chief medical officer. The chief ran their department on a collaborative model which meant the two of them worked closely with one another to supervise the department and ensure that everything ran smoothly. This experience reaffirmed once more Kade’s decision to become a Starfleet medical officer, but it also nurtured a growing desire to one day command a starship of his own.

    He went on from there to serve as the chief medical officer of the USS Adelanto where he was regularly involved in organizing and coordinating relief missions. As he neared the end of his tour, Kade began looking into possible assignments that might have given him an opportunity to continue his medical work while also developing his command skills. His efforts were interrupted when he was ordered to report to the USS Hornet as emergency relief for that vessel’s chief medical officer.
    Service Record CDT || Xenology & Pre-Medical || Starfleet Academy (Pacifica campus) || 2381-2385
    XXX || Field Assignment || USS Warakurna (Ambassador-class) || 2383-2384
    XXX || Field Assignment || USS Galatea (Luna-class) || 2384-2385

    ENS || Family & Emergency Medicine || Starfleet Medical Academy (Trill campus) || 2385-2389
    XXX || Medical Residency || USS Al-Ruhawi (Olympic-class) || 2387-2389

    LTJG || Deputy Chief Medical Officer || USS Mikasa (Norway-class) || 2389-2391
    LT || Chief Medical Officer || USS Adelanto (California-class) || 2391-2394
    LT || Chief Medical Officer || USS Hornet (Century-class) || 2394-Present