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Lieutenant Darf House of M'Rek

Name Darf House of M'Rek

Position Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klinon/Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Darf is an aged looking Klingon. He wears the stress of his life experiences on his face and in the way he moves. He keeps himself in solid physical shape but the wars and battles have started to take a toll on his body.


Father M'gel son of Titsel
Mother Aaris Parry

Personality & Traits

General Overview Unlike the stereotype of most Klingons Darf is very slow to anger. This isn't how it used to be but time and his experiences have molded him into the person he is today. He lives by a simple motto. Life does not give you problems just more work to do. This is his driving force behind his actions and his outlook on life.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Physical Strength
+Patience and calm demeanor
+Expert Marksman and hand to hand combat

- Had a heart transplant
- Body sometimes doesn't keep up with his willpower
Ambitions Darf is in a good place after a career in Starfleet and then going back to the Empire to help restore honor to his families name. He now looks to resume that career in Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Darf enjoys practicing many forms of human and klingon martial arts. He also has a deep passion for meditation and exploring the mystic arts.

Personal History Darf was born on an Orion run smuggling ship to his father M'gel who was a weapons dealer and a human slave Aaris. Because of his birth his mother was gifted to M'gel by the Orion Captain. While she was not free they were permitted to stay in M'gel's company. One day when he was 8 years old M'gel was caught smuggling weapons to the Cardassians by the USS Victorious. Captain Andrews took M'gel into custody and freed Darf and his mother. Both where transferred to DS6 and given their freedom. While in DS6 Darf started to attend schooling and his mother remarried to a fellow human.

Captain Andrews kept in touch and as Darf turned 18 he talked him into applying to Starfleet Academy. Darf was accepted and chose the Starship Operations Track. (Major: Starfleet Tactical/Security, Minor: Intelligence) Schooling went well for Darf and he made many new friends in his four years at the Academy. He was even more excited that on Graduation day, now Admiral Andrews was there with his first orders to serve on the same ship that freed his family all those years ago.

His first posting was as Asst Chief Security/Tactical officer on the USS Victorious. He would serve his post with honor and dedication. After a number of years he was promoted to Lt.jg and transferred of to be Chief Intelligence Officer. This move gave him some freedom to help security when needed but also to look into new and existing threats. Also while in the spot he started to look more into his father's business and how he could restore honor to his name with in the empire.

After many years on the Victorious its crew was transferred to DS6 where the Vickya would serve was a Garrison ship and Admiral Andrews took over base command. For Darf this meant he was promoted again to full Lt. and was named as Chief of Base Security. He found over time that while he loved working with the family that they had developed he missed being out exploring space. The Starbase life was not for him. So after the transition period was complete Darf requested a leave from Starfleet to return to Qo'noS to start to work to reclaim honor to his disgraced name.

After years of trial and proving his family name while serving the Empire Darf was finally able to get the Chancellor to restore his family name and to separate his father from House M'rek. With this task complete Darf returned to his mother on DS6 who was ill and dying from old age. After she passed Darf walked into the Base command center and officially requested his commission back. After all the paperwork it was decided that he would retain his rank and be assigned to the USS Hornet as its Chief Tactical/Security so he could get used to any changes that took place while he was away from Starfleet.
Service Record 2370- Enrolled in Starfleet Academy Starship Operations Track
2374- Assigned USS Victorious, Asst Chief Security/Tactcial, (Ensign)
2380- Promoted/transferred, Chief Intelligence Officer, (Lt.jg)
2384- Promoted/transferred DS6, Chief of Base Security. (LT.)
2386- Left Starfleet to Join Klingon Empire Forces
2394- Recommissioned, USS Hornet, Chief Security/Tactical Officer, (LT.)