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Ensign Jae Luzon

Name Jae Luzon

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species J'naii
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight ~ 138 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description They have a lithe and limber frame and fresh youthful features. The young J’naii carries themselves with a grace and gravity that is simultaneously both masculine and feminine ... and yet neither. Jaedin manages a distinguished appearance with an almost hawkish sentinel look about them. They have a long neck and a narrow frame overall. Off duty, they are beginning to express themselves by allowing their natural curly wiry hair to grow out yet they skill keep it close cropped and buzzed. They speaks in a soft smoky tone of voice, and is easily identified by a very observant gaze that does not waver when locked onto a subject or object.


Other Family Lieutenant Commander Mahalia Luzon (former Guardian/caretaker)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jae is still very much learning independence and individuality, being part of a unit of individuals such as a starship is a learning experience in its own right for them. They are a believer is a cosmic good and that all people have the potential to be good if they try to be however, they are not ignorant to the evils and atrocities of the universe. Jae is eager to please and believes in paying it forward to people, but it also fiercely loyal and protective of those they have come to value as friends. Jae does not believe in placing themselves above anyone else. Their belief is that if one person is successful that all are successful; however, the flipside of that is if one fails, they all have failed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Thoroughly organized
+ Astutely observant

- Lacks imagination
- Has not shown much in the way of ambition
- Has a tendency to be too dependent on others
Ambitions Jae is still trying to discover who they are, and as such their studies thus far at Starfleet Academy have been fairly tame and broad. They have a good simplistic grasp of general sciences, but have yet placed their focus or attention wholeheartedly behind one specific branch or area of interest for future specialization.

Personal History Born on the Alpha Quadrant home world of the androgynous species known as the J’naii, Jaedin was not the typical J’naii child. Raised in the Sunai province, They were peculiarly entuned with who they were on the inside, understanding that they not belong in a society or civilization that did not have genders or gender expression, but Jaedin had wits about them as they matured from adolescence towards adulthood to conceal a big part of themselves from other members of J’naii society: that they felt that gender expression among the J’naii should not be made to be punishable by “psychotectic therapy” a form of conversion therapy practiced by the J’naii in order to remove gender from the minds of the foolish and impressionable.

Jaedin was an ever-vigilant individual among a people who oppressed individuality and embraced uniformity, who chose a philosophy of mundane conformity and rejected expression. There were always rules and always guidelines to which a J’naii had to live their lives. Art was not an entirely foreign subject in the J’naii civilization, but it was not until Jaedin was exposed to other cultures and civilizations did they come to genuinely appreciate art from a creative and expressive process. On their home world, fabrics were always dull and muted. They were not vibrant like the uniforms of Starfleet and the Federation had a plethora of species, all of them unique individuals who were part of diverse civilizations. Some of them were even blue skinned rather than a range of pale peach to dark clay.

The J’naii had a sporadic history with the United Federation of Planets, and their dealings with the Federation in the past had never solidified a healthy relationship; however, when the J’naii were dealing with an illness sweeping through their planet; they sought outside intervention, and assistance came from two unlikely sources: The Federation and the Cardassians. While the Federation’s scientist and physicians were on the planet working along with Cardassian scientists, Jaedin was just a teenager.

It was then that they seized their opportunity. Jaedin came out as a gender expressionalist which immediately caused backlash and a push for them to undergo therapy; however, it was an apropos time. The Federation was present on the planet as was their “explorative” arm, Starfleet. It was exactly what nobody needed: a diplomatic crisis. The Federation’s psychologists and physicians were not about to gently permit what they deemed as an unethical practice to occur while the were there trying to preserve J’naii life. Starfleet Captains attempted to play the Federation’s non interference order of the Prime Directive, but when several Starlfeet officers coached Jaedin into pleading for asylum, the Captains had to present it to Starfleet Command and the Federation Council had to get involved.

Jaedin’s request for political asylum was granted and they were permitted albeit reluctantly to leave the J’naii home world. They were placed in the care of a Starfleet psychologist who made it their personal mission to work with Jaedin personally and professionally to begin decoding and unworking the years of J’naii oppression. Jaedin acquired Federation refugee status regarding citizenship. It permitted them to easily continue their education at Federation schools. When they were of appropriate age, they could and did apply to Starfleet Academy.

They were successfully admitted after taking the entrance examination and scoring within an acceptable percentile, but not one that was too high. So, their acceptance into Starfleet Academy likely came down to a political move. Jaedin, now shortening their name and preferring to be called “Jae” was one of only a handful of their species to ever attend Starfleet Academy; however, the only J’naii that Jae was aware of that graduated Starfleet Academy was an Ensign Oreka On, A&A Officer aboard the USS Hera. During Jae’s second year at Starfleet Academy was permitted into a “study abroad” program where they were assigned to a starship to non-essential support position. They continued their studies at the academy the following terms until graduating. Ensign Jae Luzon's first assignment was the USS Hornet.
Service Record