SIM Rating:
RPG Rating 2 2 2

Posting Requirements -

All players must be able to commit to a minimum of TWO (2) substantive posts per month.
-Substantive means that the post must contribute in some way to the advancement of the story and interaction among the crew. The Command Staff has final determination on what posts do and do not meet this requirement.
-This is not requiring 2 separate posts per month, as 2 contributions to a large running post also count as long as they meet the requirement of being substantive.

Department Heads are expected to post equal to or above the pace of anyone under their department.

Character Limits -
Players are restricted to:
-1 Player Character per Player

NPCs are to be handled on a case-by-case situation. If the player requesting an NPC is in good standing and has not experienced difficulties, the Command Staff will grant approval for the NPC so long as it does not overtake the player's PC in activity.

Character Approvals -

The USS Hornet Command Staff adheres to the Pegasus Fleet Restricted Characters Policy at all times. In addition, the criteria for an approved character generally must fall in the bounds of a character that is not intended to overpower or "steal the show". A well written character, balanced by strengths and flaws, will most likely see approval.

The Command Staff asks that if you have an idea that might be seen as "outside the norm", such as unusual hybrid races, Beta canon races, or characters with unusual abilities, that you please ask before applying. We will respectfully hear out any character ideas - there is always potential for an idea to fit in with the crew.

The Command Staff reserves the right to reject any character for any reason they deem required - this can apply to both the character itself not being a proper fit for the sim or the player's behavior and attitude representing a potential risk to the community.

ABOVE ALL ELSE - We are all here to have fun and write together. No one likes to play second fiddle to someone else. We wish to be as welcoming and inclusive as possible, but that also means you must be willing to welcome us and include others in your posts.