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Knock Knock - Hornet Calling!

Posted on Tue Jul 13, 2021 @ 10:45pm by Captain Larisna Koralova

Hello all you wonderful people out there!

So, surprise announcement, but while I am still working out the details with our awesome Fleet Operations, the USS Hornet is returning. But we're gonna have a few tweaks.

Firstly - We're moving to the Monarch-class. This PF exclusive ship class will be retconned in as our class, and it's only fitting that the Hornet be the one to set off in style with this fantastic new class.

Secondly - We're doing a bit of a reboot because the goal is to bring more in from the PF canon that has been a bit of a quiet spot for the Fleet on the whole.

So, this is where I am writing you. I don't have the Discord set up yet, so you'll need to PM me or email me.

You all have first dibs on your current positions - but you need to claim them or else I'm going to assume you're out for good and can't rejoin and they go back up for grabs. I'd like notification no later than 7/24/21 if you're rejoining. If you want to change your character but keep the position, I will allow it.

Otherwise, have a fantastic day



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Category: Sim Announcement