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Lieutenant Kranton Darkstar

Name Kranton Darkstar

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species N'gagi
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 7"
Weight 420 lbs
Hair Color Black and Silver
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kranton looks strikingly like a Terran Mountain Gorilla. He is cover mostly in a thick, dark black hair. His feet resemble hands and feature an opposing digit similar to a thumb. Kranton usually stands up-right, but when under a lot of stress or when trying to run, he will often drop into a four limbed stance. As with his Terran cousins, he arms are much longer than his stubby legs.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Kranton is normally very calm, almost docile. He is loyal to his friends and family and prides himself in his work.

He makes friends easily enough, but has few true, close friends.

He has a bit of a temper and is highly dangerous when provoked.

Kranton is a man of few words. Those that know him well enough to learn his patterns will realize that he is actually very expressive. When he does speak, he means to be taking seriously.

He has a very low tolerance for ignorance of any kind, particularly discrimination.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

+ Intelligence
+ Loyalty
+ Strength (physical)

- Temper
- Impatient
- Severe banana allergy
Ambitions Kranton is not ambitious in the classic sense of the word. He has hopes and goals that he tries to achieve though. He works hard and enjoys awards and promotions, but he doesn't strive for them. His driving goal is too do a good job and to keep those in his care safe.
Hobbies & Interests His hobbies include reading, music, and working out. He likes to spend time on the holodeck in a re-creation of his home world.

He is very interested in areas of study that will help him serve as a more adequate protector. He is constantly learning, trying to keep up with the next trend in criminal behavior. He is a strong believer in the adage of "Know thine enemy."

Personal History Kranton was born in the spring of 2350. He is the youngest of 3 children in his family. His mother is a "healer" and his father is "Chief" of their "troop" and a member of the N'gagi "House of Parliment". The N'gagi people had joined the Federation before Krang was born, but little of the outside world made it into the lives of the average member of the community. Some of the older men served during "the war" but most were content to stay on their home world.

He was raised in a rather traditional N'gagi lifestyle despite his father's prominent place in public matters. His "troop" merged with many others to form a village of about 500 individuals give or take at any given counting, and all the children attended one central school house. Krang spent a lot of his time getting into trouble as a child. There was a chair in the headmaster's office that was kept open for him due to the amount of time he spent in it.

His mother insisted that he wasn't a bad child and tried to convince the school that Kranton was merely acting out because he was bored and was not being challenged by his academic assignments. One teacher took this to heart when Krang was 14 and made him her "special project" for the term. He flourished under her care and his grades began to climb quickly. In 1 school year he went from barely passing to qualifying for and taking advanced placement courses in several subjects.

When Kranton reached the end of the academic program available on his home world, he still had a yearning to keep learning. He had heard stories of places outside of his small circle of influence and wanted to see more. He had often talked to the crews of the freighters that stopped off at the port near his village and he wanted nothing more that to find out what more there was to the universe.

Without the knowledge or consent of his parents, he booked passage on an outbound freighter and eventually made his way to Terra. He was on his own and away from everything he had ever known and now was in a place where he stood out. No one around looked like him and people often stared. The N'gagi had only sent less than 100 people to Starfleet Academy since joining the Federation, so few of his people had spent much time on Terra.

He spent several months just wandering. He would study under the tutelage of one wise person or another and then when the urge to move on came, he would.

After being on Terra for about a year, fate decided to intervene in his life. He was in a "seedy" neighborhood in Bangkok and heard a woman screaming. Without knowing why, he turned and charged to her aide. When he arrived on the scene, he found her surrounded by 4 young men. Two of them were Terran, the other two he wasn't sure what they were. The smallest one was blue and had antennae like an insect and the other was large, had dark skin, and a very strange ridged plane on his forehead.

The next few minutes would change Kranton's life forever. It was almost an instinct to protect her and he used the techniques that he had learned from his father and began to fight off all four of them.

Only the largest of them actually stood to meet his challenge. When Kranton roared and rushed at them, the two Terrans and the blue one scattered, but the largest one, the one he came to know of as a Klingon, stood his ground and met Kranton head on. The fight was longer than Kranton anticipated and it turned out the the Klingon had a knife. Managing to fend off the knife was not too difficult given Kranton's superior reach, but he still ended up getting stabbed in the chest. When the young Klingon realized what he had done, he dropped the knife and ran off after the others.

Kranton survived, and now he had a mission. He was going to use all his physical attributes and his mind to be a protector. When the doctors who treated his wounds offered to remove the scar from the stab wound, he refused. He decided to keep it and wear it as a constant reminder of the day that changed his life.

He decided that since he was on Terra and wanted to serve "the greater good" that the best place to do that would be in Starfleet, so he went to a recruiting office and submitted an application to the Academy in San Fransisco.

He received word about a month later that his application had been accepted, but that it was going to be about 18 months before a spot in the next incoming class would open up for him. He took that as a sign that he needed to prepare and began to serve as a volunteer with a civilian police department in Denver, Colorado.

An older Sergeant took Kranton under his wing and began to train him in basic security procedures. He taught him to shoot and taught him to use his physical abilities more effectively.

The 18 months Kranton spent in Denver were over long before he wanted them to be. Word came that he was due to report to the Academy so he packed his bags and made his way to San Fransisco.

He found himself "a fish out of water" among the cadets in his class. His holistic approach to life clashed with the technological lifestyle of his classmates. He wanted to spend his time outside, often on the grounds or in a near by park and his classmates tended to spend their time at parties on in the holo-suites.

His room mate left the Academy early in the second year and the cadet they moved in to replace him was of "Native American" decent. They got along much better and became close friends. Between the two of them, they removed the great majority of the furniture and nearly covered the cabin with plants of different types and sizes.

Kranton chose security and tactical studies as his major and those that had gotten to know him said that there was hardly any chance of him picking otherwise.

The next three years went quickly. He did well in his classes and learned quickly. He was never able to, despite his best efforts, to reach the top of his class. He did however post numbers in the top 20 percent consistently.

His first posting came quickly. He was thrilled to no end when he found out that he was going to serve as a security officer as requested.

Medical Information

Kranton has been discovered to have a severe allergy to bananas. The consumption of anything with banana in it, or contact with the meat of bananas cause symptoms of anaphylactic shock and must be treated immediately with antihistamines. He carries a small tube of epinephrine with him at all times in case of emergency.
Service Record 2388 - Present: Starbase Typhon (Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Leader of SRT)
2383 - 2388 : U.S.S. Galefrey (Chief Security Officer)
2379 - 2383 : U.S.S. Tardis (Assistant Chief Security Officer)
2375 - 2379 : U.S.S. Dekker (Security Officer)