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Lieutenant Rei Yamashi

Name Rei Yamashi

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ts'usugi
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8" (6'8" with ears)
Weight 172lbs
Hair Color White Fur (Brown Shocks for Highlights)
Eye Color Blue (No Reflection)
Physical Description Rei is a very well put-together, very well proportioned humanoid creature resembling an uplifted earth creature called a Rabbit. She has soft white fur covering her entire form, the traditional 'cotton puff' tail, and lengthy ears that perk when she's listening, and flop when she's not. A quirk of Ts'usugi eyes causes them to not reflect light, and as such her eyes seem almost like endless pools that one could drown in, if they so choose.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dohga Yamashi
Mother Amari Yamashi
Brother(s) Three younger
Sister(s) Two younger
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rei is a friendly, social soul. Buckled down in academy, and then packed up to attend another academy, before qualifying for ANOTHER academy, Rei feels that her hard work and studious nature have paid off. Her accomplishments and feats speak for themselves, so she tries not to brag. Though she will quickly remind people that she is, in fact, qualified to work at the station she's assigned to. She's not too fond of Starfleet's perpetual rush, and prefers to operate at a leisurely pace when possible. Emergencies are, naturally, exceptions.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rei is a technical wiz, and has the backing of high marks from three academies across two quadrants. Her native resilience to psychic powers is higher than normal due to her skull being slightly thicker than normal. A trait that means nothing in her native realm, but in a world of telepaths and empaths it means quite a bit.

She's highly athletic and, and served her mandatory years in service to Ts'usu with dignity and honor. Not that she'll ever talk about the things she had to do then. War is never pretty. Noted in her file is that she was diagnosed with "Class I Operational Disfunction" though also noted is that she was cleared for service by two distinct Ts'usugi mental health professionals. The exact nature of her trauma is privileged medical personnel information.

For all her quirks and merits, Rei has her flaws. She never forgives a slight, a tradition from her people's history no doubt. She takes any insult a little further then it was meant, and usually responds to the phrase 'can't you take a joke' with a right hook. It takes a lot to flare her temper, but like anyone who was told what she couldn't do for more of her career, once that pot bursts, run.

She has a tendency to re-invent the wheel, though. Sometimes the answer to her problem already exists, and she's too stubborn or too proud to realize it. By her hands, or not at all. She's not without her pride, though. She'll often comment about her tri-part education, the merits of such, and the flaws of other technology. She puts herself on a high pedestal, and sometimes expects other to reach to the stars to meet her halfway.
Ambitions Chief engineer is a nice start. She has no intention on command. Certainly not any command of a Starfleet vessel.

Personal ambitions range mostly from 'Have fun' to simply find happiness. She's not looking for Mister Right, especially not outside of the Empire. Though, in a pinch, Mister-Right-Now would do. Or Mrs... no need to judge.
Hobbies & Interests Rei enjoys reading and brushing up on her technical skills. In various holodeck programs, she has fighter jets, ground vehicles, or other craft that she endlessly works on the engine or power plants for. Endlessly tweaking, endlessly working. She collects models of various vehicles from across the gulf of space, along with small reminders of places she's been. While she has an impressive collection of mirrors, she's not obsessed with her looks. She prefers to remain plain, and let her natural looks speak for themselves.

She enjoys spending time with people. Social situations, romantic situations, professional situations. Being alone for too long without something to entertain her time bothers her, which usually sends her off to the holodeck, or to the lounge.

Personal History Most of Rei's personal history is a blank slate as far as the Federation has been told, a standard for Ts'usu to maintain its secrecy. The name of her academies and the marks she received, however, are not redacted. She attended primary through secondary schooling, advanced to a local advanced school, graduated with honors before moving to their equivalent of college. She majored each time in physical sciences rather than the theoretical or the impractical. High marks, each time. Her major in college is classified, but listed as a propulsion science major with four electoral fields attached to it. Turns out young Rei was an overachiever.

From there, she transferred to a Dalacari advanced placement college, majoring in warp theory, particle math, matter/anti-matter physics, and transatmospheric design. Crisis assessment and deployment as a minor, before she was called up for her three years of mandatory service in the Ts'usu navy. Her postings were as engineer assistants, and while the record is blank on precisely what she did, she was promoted to the rank of assistant engineering chief, or its equal, across two separate ships. Two ships, because the first ship she served on was listed as lost during one of their skirmishes with a race called the Koldaran. What information exists in her profile also shows a specialization towards ordinance disposal, which potentially includes demolition specializations as well.

Rei's film mentions her having been cleared for continuance of duty following the loss of her serving ship. Her tour completed, she tried to return to her normal life, but school was over and the experiences of the front line had changed her view of the universe. From there, she enlisted for a transfer from the Ts'usu Navy to Starfleet through the cadet cultural exchange program. Her exotic appearance and brilliance made her no shortage of friends. Surrounded by people, living people, was exactly what she wanted. What she needed.
Service Record Mostly redacted, as per standard policy. Her scholastic achievements and grades are fairly high, showing an aptitude for physics and engineering. Her record shows a three year gap where she potentially was serving her Three, a three-year term of mandatory service to the military. A full year of therapy followed her term, after which she seemingly reintegrated back into society before leaving again for service in Starfleet's officer program.

She served aboard training ships and systems during her time in secondary academy, the equivalent of high school. The actual names of the ships and the times served are redacted. Her entire Three years of mandated service are a complete blank... Seven pages of blank.