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Lieutenant Commander Tristor Kaz

Name Tristor Kaz MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill(Joined)
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6’2”
Weight 210LBS
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Tristor is a tall, lean Trill man. His spots are quite dark, which greatly contrast his pale skin. His brown hair is well kept.

Tristor wears his uniform with a focus on his personal comfort and ease while on duty.


Father Arjin Hoxom MD
Mother Keznia Hoxom
Sister(s) Devixa Hoxom

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tristor has been described as passionate. He is calm and analytical but also fun loving.

Like most Trill, he is extremely outspoken. He can be too outspoken and opinionated at times.
Ambitions Tristor hopes to continue his work with Starfleet and inspire and foster the careers of his subordinates.
Hobbies & Interests Tris loves art . He finds the process therapeutic.

He is also very interested in alien history. Having begun a collection of artifacts from various cultures.

Personal History Born on Trill, Tristor Hoxom began his life as a typical Trill living in a typical Trill Family. He and his sister Devixa would spend their days exploring the forests around their family’s country property.

Throughout his childhood, Tristor’s parents were adamant about preparing their children for the possibility of being selected for Joining. Arjin was perhaps the most persistent. As a Doctor he would drone on about the health benefits of being a Joined Trill and lament that he was never selected. Keznia on the other hand, was an artist and would often speak in the abstract about the wondrous experience of multiple lifetimes.

The opinions of both parents put Tristor on the road to prepare for Joining, should he be lucky enough to be selected, but they also helped to shape his future career choices.

At age 17, Tristor began his undergraduate studies at Trill Polytech. After his first year, he applied to and transferred his studies to Starfleet Academy. His years at the Academy were most rewarding. He made many connections, that have helped throughout his career. Despite the workload being heavy, Tristor loved the lessons in his Counselling career path but focused on the general medical field. Tris was not near the top of the class but he did well.

Just as he was coming up on his graduation from the Academy, Tristor received word that his Sister was killed in an accident on Trill. He raced home to be by his parent’s side. He spent two weeks with his parents on Trill, comforting each other in the wake of Devixia's tragic death.

Despite not being able to attend the ceremony, Tristor had successfully graduated from Starfleet Academy, with commission to the rank of Ensign. Tristor was assigned to the USS Demeter for his residency. He completed two years aboard the Demeter before being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

With his promotion, Tristor received a transfer to the USS Hypatia, where he would serve as a Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Hypatia took Tristor to the edge of Romulan space, aiding the remnants of the Empire.

After a few years aboard Hypatia , Tristor received word that he was selected for Joining, and had to be recalled to Trill for the procedure as soon as possible.

Taking an emergency Leave of Absence, Tris took an immediate transport to Trill where he was prepped to receive the Kaz Symbiont. Kaz’s previous Host, a Scientist named Enjima, was advanced in age and slowly dying. For the health of the Symbiont, the transfer needed to happen as soon as possible. The procedure was an experience that Tristor would not soon forget.

He found his conscious mind flooded with the memories of Kaz’s previous hosts, which was overwhelming for Tristor at first. Through the guidance of the Trill Guardians, Tristor Kaz performed the Zhian’tara Rite which helped to solidify his ground as a host.

After nearly 6 months on Trill, Tristor made his return to duty and was called to Earth to report to the USS Carpathia as Chief Medical Officer. While the Carpathia took off to patrol the Cardassian border Tristor began to find his bearings in Starfleet as Kaz.

This introspection was disrupted by an unforeseen attack by Orion pirates. After taking considerable damage along the Border, Carpathia returned to Earth for extensive repairs. Kaz took the opportunity to study some alternative meditation processes, and relaxation techniques to apply to his work.

Kaz grew anxious to get back out to work. He was assigned to the USS Fredricton, where he would serve for a short time as Chief Medical Officer and Counselor. Fredricton was an aging Frigate and as such was a good place for Kaz to stretch his legs and work with a crew that hadn’t had a dedicated Counselor for over five years.Tristor took the opportunity to put some of his new knowledge into use. The ship was recalled for decommissioning a year after Kaz joined the crew.

Tristor was reassigned quickly, to the Nova Class USS Demeter as Chief Medical Officer. The ship was attached to Starbase 210. The crew of Demeter was often aboard the station and after a few months, Tristor was put in a permanent role on the base. He became the Station Chief Medical Officer. The role gave him a better understanding of the administrative side of Starfleet Medical and prompted him to pursue command training. He took the extension courses while serving on Starbase 210, and was given the opportunity to stretch his legs as Second Officer.

Tristor served on the station for 5 years. He longed to return to a shipboard setting but also loved the size of the medical department on the station. So when the opportunity came up to serve on a new Monarch Class starship, he couldn’t pass it up.