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Lieutenant Amu Hinamori

Name Amu Hinamori M.D.

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Dyed Pink
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Being Japanese Amu has Japanese facial features which are common in the Japanese Gene Pool as well as a small frame which is considered normal as well. Amu has dyed pink hair which she usually keeps in a side pony tail out of her way. This is usually tied up with ribbon or hair clips, depending on how she feels. She she lets her hair down it trails down her back to just past her shoulders.

She usually has a fairly light build, however at the moment she is six months pregnant with her first child so her body has changed considerably. The pregnancy has caused her to gain a larger bust size, round large belly and protruding navel. All temporary until she gives birth to the baby in a few months time.

She likes to keep her uniform fresh and neat, this includes making sure that she is always presentable on duty.


Spouse Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Boyfriend)
Children Amu is currently pregnant with her and Ikuto's first child.
Father Tsumugu Hinamori
Mother Midori Hinamori
Sister(s) Ami Hinamori (Younger by 8 years)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amu is a generally caring and kind personality. She likes to keep things cool and running smoothly. She has been known to have a little bit of a temper at times, but she will stand for whats right.

On duty she loves nothing better than saving lives and looking after people. She enjoys helping others where she can, its the one kick that she gets out of being a doctor in Starfleet.

Off duty she enjoys relaxing and always enjoys a long bath at the end of the day. She's not much of a social flower, which is unusual as she is easy to befriend. However she sometimes goes out when she has to, or is invited to. Otherwise she enjoys staying at home.

It should be noted that Amu has a little bit of a fascination with fashion and owns a huge variety of different outfits and clothes. She prefers skirts over trousers and always has plenty of accessories to go with her outfits. Often people believe she has a new outfit for every occassion, but often she just had it sitting in a wardrobe or drawer somewhere.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Include
+ Caring and Kind Bedside Manner
+ Doctorate and Medical Skills
+ Easy to Befriend and get along with
+ Runs a smooth but relaxed atmosphere where she is in command.

- A little concious on how she looks (Epsecially more recently)
- Has a weakness for clothes. She can't help but get more.
- Not the best at socialising out of work
- Sometimes pushes her self too far when she doesn't need to.
Ambitions Amu's ambitions are a little vague. She dreams of one day running her own medical ship where she can help people across the whole Federation. She also wishes to make a medical discovery such as a new disease or illness and come up with a cure for it.

Her other ambitions are already coming true. Being pregnant she has always wanted a family, and although this is her first child she is looking forward to having a son or daughter. (She doesn't care which it is, as long as its healthy and doesn't want to know until he/she is born). She also would like Ikuto to get down on one knee and ask her to marry him, however he has amde it clear he would rather see the baby born healthy and put him/her first before himself.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and Interests Include
- Fashion and Clothing
- Sports (she'll give anything a try)
- Medicine and Nursing
- Stargazing
- Swimming

Personal History Amu Hinamori was born in the Saga Prefecture of Japan, on the southern island of Kyushu. As a child she had a fairly normal upbringing. When she was in elementary school her younger sister Ami was born. Amu aged only eight helped her mother look after Ami and even though she saw it as a chore at the time, soon came to realise she was starting to enjoy it.

It was when Amu was ten years old that the class was asked what they wanted to do with their lives as a homework assignment. Amu took this home and pondered over it for hours. That day however Ami wasn't feeling well and was having a hard time. Amu didn't get a chance to finish her homework assignment as she ended up spending most of the night looking after her younger sister to give her mother a break.

It was at this moment that Amu realised that she did well at caring for people. This was the spark in Amu's life that caused her to go down the medical path and become a doctor. For many years she was determined to become a nurse. She thought that it would be a good career path to go down and would do her parents proud.

However in high school at age fifteen, Starfleet Officers visited the school on a recruitment drive. Amu watched in awe as they showed the school holographic images of what was out there. Also they showed the children what had happened out there. Amu saw suffereing from war, famine and illness out amongst the stars. She had never considered joining Starfleet until that day. She was relieved to see that the people who had suffered had been helped by a medical starship at the end of the presentation.

From that day forward Amu was determined to join Starfleet and work hard to become a Starfleet Doctor. She took up chemistry and biology as her majors in high school and worked every waking moment to get good grades. She graduated high school with outstanding grades in them as well as mathematics and citizenship studies. All essential for what she wanted to do.

At eighteen she turned to Starfleet Medical School, a branch of Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. She underwent the entrance exam to begin her medical training that she craved. Luckily she was accepted and was soon packing her bags to head to San Francisco and the Starfleet Medical Annex.

This is where Amu spent the next four years studying medicine, not only for Humans but for all species known to The Federation. This is where she met Ikuto, an older young man who was a civilian. Ikuto picked Amu up in a bar during her second year. Amu had gone out reluctantly with her other medical cadets to celebrate them all passing the second year exams.

It turned out that Ikuto was actualy four years older than Amu, but he was genuinely interested in her. As a civilian he had been working at a local animal shelter looking after the animals. He had been known to go for the 'shy girls' around Starfleet Academy, but had been turned down by every one of them. Amu felt sorry for him and spent the majority of that night talking and drinking with him.

Amu doesn't remember what happened the rest of that night, however she does remember waking up with him next to her in her bed. According to her room mate, they had made a lot of noise the night previous. Amu was embarrassed that this had happened, she had never let herself slip or go like this, it felt good however and it felt like it was the right thing to do.

Amu continued to see Ikuto throughout her academy training. She felt confused as to what she felt over him. It was only when Ikuto told Amu that he had fallen in love with her that she realised she felt the same. Three days before Graduation, Amu and Ikuto announced officially that they were a couple.

Luckily, Ikuto supported Amu's ambitions and knew what she was doing was important to her. He officially met her parents and younger sister at the graduation ceremony. Amu was worried that he wouldn't be accepted since he wasn't of Japanese Origin, however was surprised when her father accepted him and more or less greeted him like a member of the family.

Amu graduated Starfleet Medical Academy at age twenty two, and gained her first officer rank of Ensign. She however was not a full doctor yet, she had to find a Starfleet Placement for her medical foundation years to earn her full M.D. Status.

She was assigned to the USS Polaris, a Galaxy Class Starship as a junior medical officer. This would allow her to gain her M.D. Status and complete her Medical Foundation years on ship whilst working in the ships sickbay. This would be a two year assignment for Amu. Luckily however Ikuto told her that he wanted to come with her rather than break up. He also came along with Amu and managed to join the ships Civilian population by waitering tables in the ships Ten Forward area. He didn't care about his own job as long as he could be with Amu.

Amu and Ikuto spent two years on the USS Polaris together. Amu worked in the ships sickbay under supervision of the ships chief medical officer and managed to gain her full medical doctorate from extra studying and coursework alongside her duties. Ikuto was proud that Amu had managed to gain her full doctorate on schedule and on her twenty forth birthday planned a surprise beach party for Amu to celebrate. The Captain whom Ikuto had become close with also attended, which surprised Amu.

Amu was told by the captain of the Polaris that she had a rewarding and colourful career infront of her. He suggested that she look for a ship that is calling out for more than a simple medical officer. Amu took his advice, but also told him that she was happy wherever she was. It didn't take long as she put in for a transfer request to the USS Fletcher which was looking for an assistant chief medical officer.

She was accepted, and Ikuto was allowed to join her as well. The Fletcher was an ageing Ambassador Class Starship. It gave Amu an opportunity to see that not all Starfleet vessels were state of the art. It also allowed her to pick her speciality in a certain medical field. Ikuto and Amu transferred to the Fletcher. Amu was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for her new position. Although to her rank didn't really matter.

As the Assistant Chief Medical Officer she was given more responsibility and was allowed to choose any specialism that she liked. She was unsure what to choose, so instead of choosing a specific specialism she chose that of General Medicine which would include a bit of everything. This would include everything from basic first aid to medical research to advanced xenobiology.

Nearly four years passed without incident on the Fletcher. However after four years the Fletcher was ambushed by a rogue Klingon ship. This attack caught the Fletcher by surprised and managed to cripple the ageing ship. Amu saw the most action on that day where she had to assist and run a medical triage center in one of the ships cargo bays. It was also very scary for her as the main sickbay had been heavily hit resulting in several deaths of the medical staff, a fate which she had narrowly avoided due to having left sickbay only minutes before.

After the attack, the Fletcher managed to limp away and retreat away from the Klingon vessel; it was revealed that the ships Chief Medical Officer had been killed in the attack, along with several other senior officers. Amu as the assistant Chief Medical Officer automatically gained the position of the Chief Medical Officer.

The Flecther was repaired and with no replacements, Amu retained the position as the Chief Medical Officer aboard ship, althouth that on an acting basis until someone could fill the role. It was in this time that Amu discovered that she had fallen pregnant with Ikuto's child. They kept it secret at first, but it soon became evident. She spent more time than usual in sickbay due to her regular checkups for the baby. Amu's parents were overjoyed when they revealed the news. Amu was at first concerned that they wouldn't accept it as her and Ikuto were not yet married, thus breaking tradition. The ship spent the next six months patrolling the Klingon border before being called back to the shipyards to be decomissioned.

Amu now six months pregnant began looking for a new assignment. She found what she was looking for, a safer place to serve. She wanted to find a place that she could have and raise her son or daughter, as well as becoming a chief medical officer. Luckily a position aboard the USS Hornet opened up and with it being an advanced Century class explorer that allowed Civilians, it was perfect for Amu and Ikuto. Amu would take the position of Chief Medical Officerr while Ikuto could work in the ships civilian services.
Service Record Starfleet Medical Academy - Medical & Officer Training - Cadet
USS Polaris - Medical Officer - Ensign
USS Fletcher - Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Fletcher - Acting Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Hornet - Chief Medical Officer - Rank Pending