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Posting Requirements

Posted on Fri Oct 22, 2021 @ 5:22pm by Captain Larisna Koralova

USS Hornet Posting Requirements -

Greetings all,

We’ve gotten off to a good start, but I am starting to notice a few trends. While I still want us to have a more relaxed pace, I do feel it’s important to establish there’s a difference between “relaxed” and “inactive”. Many of you have done a great job in posting, and we did make significant strides in our opening debut by meeting the requirements of 2 posts per player. I fully recognize that real life puts strains on our time, not to mention that many of us are involved in sims across Pegasus Fleet and beyond. But 2 posts a month is not a tall ask - that is asking you to post twice in 30 days. I’ve seen places that will run you over if you weren’t posting every 2 hours. Even just two contributions in our larger JPs a month covers that requirement.

But I’ve also been noticing that some of you haven’t really been posting with any degree of consistency - or at all. Tags are left unaddressed, department heads are being posted past by their assistants, and in some cases, I have no proof of life. That’s not fair for the others who are active and being left hanging. To that end, I am placing a few requirements and fair warnings so that no one is in the dark.

1 - All crew are required to maintain the Pegasus Fleet standard of 2 posts per month. If you are unable to post, please communicate with me - email, via PM on the site or Discord, or just leave an LOA notice in the new LOA section on the Hornet’s server. If this isn’t met and no communication is made, I will be forced to assume you are AWOL and declare your character inactive and put the position up for grabs. I know RL blindsides us all, but it is not unreasonable to ask for a quick message if you can’t post.

2 - The CO retains the right to rotate personnel on the roster based on posting activity. For example, if an Assistant Department Head is posting more consistently than the Department Head, then the roles may be reversed to put the one posting more consistently as the Department Head.

3 - The commitment on this sim is for quality content. You are welcome to make character development posts, we do have the Interludes mission for anything that may not fit into the context of the mission currently ongoing. But it also does mean that players are expected to ensure what they are posting is consistent with what others have and what is going on in the context of the situation. Not reading what someone else posts not only is making it hard on others to respond, it’s just plain rude.

It is not fair to others if someone just joins the crew and proceeds to just occupy a seat but not contribute. And I simply do not have the time or inclination to prod everyone all the time - I do that enough in my RL job. We’re all adults and if something’s going on, my DM is always open. But I’m drawing a line - if you don’t tell me why you can’t post that month and just do nothing, I have to assume you’re no longer interested. If at the end of the month when I submit my CO Report, you have not met the requirements - as the CO, I reserve the right to move your character to a different role within the same department or even move your character to the Inactive side. If I do that, I will also update your permissions in Discord so you will need to get in touch with me to have your character reactivated and your permissions restored.

As CO of the Hornet, it is my commitment to you to provide a quality writing environment, but we all have to work together to shape that. We can do great things but only if we’re all working together.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. My door is always open.


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