November/December Update

Posted on Tue Nov 23, 2021 @ 4:41pm by Captain Larisna Koralova

Greetings Everyone,

So, we're fast coming up on the end of our first milestone - completing Mission 1!

I will be announcing awards soon, but any nominations can be made to me either via Discord, site DM or at - please don't be shy to nominate your peers.

I have adjusted some of the positions due to certain requirements, and some positions have been cleared for inactivity. If you have anyone who might be willing to join our ranks, please let us know and have them drop by.

I have also opened Mission 2 - I'll get details up in the next few days. My end goal is that Mission 1 closes at the end of November, so get your posts in now. Any character development posts that are WIP should maybe be moved to Interludes if they're not going to be done by then. Remember - Interludes is our place for character development posts and remains open at all times for you and others to interact. Particularly if it doesn't fit in the mission.

I know with the holiday season, we're going to see a drop in activity. If you're not sure if you'll be particularly active for the next month or so, just drop me a line. Remember - communication helps big time here. I can't read minds and I can't know what's going on unless you tell me.

Thank you all for your hard work,

-Captain Larisna Koralova
CO, USS Hornet



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