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A Message Home

Posted on Mon Sep 21, 2020 @ 4:38pm by Lieutenant Arim Kade M.D.
Edited on on Fri Sep 25, 2020 @ 3:45pm

Mission: Mission 1 - Angstrom Operation
Location: Cabin 2B, USS Dzakar
Timeline: Mission Day 03, 0612 Hours

ON: [[Cabin 2B, USS Dzakar, Mission Day 03, 0612 Hours]]

Kade sat alone in the small cabin to which he’d been assigned. This was the first time he’d ever had to travel long-distance by courier and, even though he’d been on a runabout before, sharing such small space with so many other people had taken some getting used to. In fact, he had been rather relieved when they’d finally rendezvoused with the USS Lacombe and most of the other folks transferred off. From that point on, it had pretty much been just him, two other passengers, and the runabout’s flight crew.

It was nice finally having some peace and quiet. This transfer had happened so fast that Kade had barely had enough time to pack his things, much less say a proper good bye to the folks on the Adelanto. He also hadn’t filled his parents in on what had happened yet, either. So he decided to take full advantage of the quiet space to record a message he could send back home.

“...and I’m telling you, it was absolutely, one hundred percent chaos,” Kade was saying, a mix of amusement and frustration in his voice, “Took us three days just to convince them to let us help clean up the mess and then another five to actually do it. I mean, it was unbelievable. I was really sad to see how much they’d gone through with all of it already.”

He paused and leaned back slightly on the stool so that his shoulders and upper back were resting against the bulkhead. There’d been quite a few strange experiences in his last posting, only some of which he’d been able to share, but this message wasn’t just supposed to be about the past.

“I got new orders a couple weeks ago,” he said after a few moments passed, “Chief medical officer of the Hornet. Apparently, they needed someone and I was closest, though when you’re out here, ‘close’ really isn’t saying much.”

Another pause.

“The ship’s a Century-class,” he continued, “so, it’s bigger than the Adelanto, and with a bigger mission profile, too. I guess that means more responsibility for me. By the time you get this, I should be...”

Kade was interrupted by someone knocking at the door. “Lieutenant,” the muffled voice of one of the flight crew called.

“Pause recording,” Kade told the computer. He set aside the PADD, straightened up in his seat, and looked over toward the source of the sound. “Yes, what is it?”

“Sorry for the interruption, lieutenant,” the voice replied, “but you should know we’re coming up on the Hornet’s position. It’ll be about forty-five minutes or so before we rendezvous with them.”

“Thank you,” Kade said.

After waiting about a minute to be sure they were actually done, Kade eventually turned his attention back to his message. “Sorry about that,” he said once the recording had resumed, “They were just telling me we’re about to make our rendezvous. I’ve read up on everything I could, but I’m curious to see what it’s like for myself. By the time you get this, I should be all settled in, so I’ll try to send another update when I can...”


Lieutenant Arim Kade, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Hornet

Unnamed Crew Member
Runabout Flight Crew
USS Dzakar


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