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Catching Up

Posted on Sun Oct 4, 2020 @ 3:24am by Lieutenant Arim Kade M.D. & Commander Larisna Koralova

Mission: Mission 1 - Angstrom Operation
Location: Corridor outside Holodeck 01, USS Hornet
Timeline: Mission Day 03, 0717 Hours

ON: [[Corridor outside Holodeck 01, USS Hornet, Mission Day 03, 0717 Hours]]

Kade emerged from the turbolift, travel bag still hitched over his shoulder. He’d only just come aboard less than twenty minutes prior and was still getting his bearings. Both the ship and the crew were unfamiliar to him (and they would be until he’d had a chance to get to know them better). On top of that, he knew he needed to finish checking in so that he could find his quarters, unpack, and get settled as soon as possible.

The good news was that the transfer itself had gone rather smoothly. They’d made the rendezvous on schedule. All his belongings were beamed over from the runabout. And the deck officer had pretty much waved him through without too much scrutiny. He supposed it all made sense, given that he was the only one they’d been expecting.

The next step in the process, however, was proving a bit trickier. Kade’s transfer orders had explicitly stated that he was to report in with the captain directly. While this wasn’t something that was entirely unheard of, it was somewhat unusual. Then again, this was somewhat of an unusual situation, so maybe it made sense.

He passed several other crewmembers as he made his way down the corridor, offered them a smile, but kept going.

As he came around a bend, he caught sight of the Hornet’s commanding officer ahead of him. “Excuse me, commander,” he called out, “Commander Koralova?”

Larisna pivoted around on a heel smartly, nodding in acknowledgement. "Yes, Lieutenant? I apologize, but if it's something lengthy, we'll need to walk and talk at the same time."

“Of course,” Kade said, quickly falling into step alongside the commander. He made sure to walk on the right side so as to avoid hitting her with his travel bag. “I don’t mean to take up much of your time,” he continued as they made their way down the corridor together, “but my orders...well, they said I was supposed to report to you as soon as I came aboard.”

"Not at all. Just Starfleet came through with our orders, that's the reason for the rush," Larisna explained as she pivoted back around and led the way to the turbolift, "And you are?"

“Yes, ma’am. Lieutenant Arim Kade.”

That got a nod, "Yes, our new Chief Medical Officer. Your orders might have indicated Assistant Chief Medical but I got a rather scathing message last night from Starfleet Medical and they said you would be replacing the CMO we left with." Larisna said, "Well, Lieutenant, I hate to say this, but we've got a situation and you've just ended up on the Hornet's senior staff. Don't worry, everyone but the XO is also new in the job, no higher than Lieutenant. Something you may not have been told is that Starfleet was more than a little reluctant to staff this ship. But I think that only enhances the charm."

“Not a problem, ma’am,” Kade said, offering a confident smile, “I’m pretty familiar with the job expectations.” Her remark about the assistant position was yet another indicator this was all happening fast. And yet, Kade wasn’t really worried about it. Whatever confusion there may have been in that moment would eventually get worked out.

Larisna hit the call button on the turbolift as they approached it. "We've only been in space for three days now, so you haven't missed much. I've called a senior staff meeting in twenty minutes, should be enough time for you to drop off your things and get there but I'll understand if you show up just a tad late."

“Yes, ma’am.”

Kade stopped just short of the turbolift and stood facing Koralova. There was no sense getting in, seeing as how they were going to be headed in different directions from there. “Thank you, commander,” he said, hitching the travel bag up on his shoulder, “I appreciate your time.”

"I'll see you at the meeting, then." Larisna said and stepped aboard the lift, "And welcome aboard the Hornet." She said with a smile.


Commander Larisna Koralova
Commanding Officer
USS Hornet

Lieutenant Arim Kade, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Hornet


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