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Moving day

Posted on Tue Feb 2, 2021 @ 4:08pm by Lieutenant Darf House of M'Rek

Mission: Mission 2 - "Drawing Deeply From The Well"
Location: DS6


Darf sat in his old apartment where he grew up with is mom. There where so many memories in here. Now that she was gone, and he was hoping to be headed back out with the Fleet he knew it was time to pack things up. It was just real hard to do. Word had gotten back to him that his father had been released after serving 34 years. He was glad he was able to get the Empire to rule in his families favor before his release. Now he would not be welcome in any port or colony in the Empire. And his actions will never have any bearing on House M’Rek ever again.

As his thoughts raced around about his father, he saw that he had a new message on the computer. Darf went over to the desk and queued it up. There they where his new orders. Headquarters had accepted his application for recommission he was being granted his old rank and looked like he got his wish of being back out on a ship. The USS Hornet, he would have to look this one up he had never heard of it. The joy of getting his orders made him grin as he clicked the acceptance button.

He then backed away from the console and moved to the floor where he sat down legs crossed in front of him. He closed his eyes and started to melt away all the thoughts he had just running through his head. He needed to recenter himself and prepare himself for his new task. He will need to box up what he wanted to keep and arrange for Base personal to take the rest away. Tonight, would be his last night in this place and like his past he was walking away from and towards his new beginnings.



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