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Posted on Thu Feb 18, 2021 @ 11:40pm by Lieutenant Darf House of M'Rek & Captain Larisna Koralova & Commander Amanda Malloy

Mission: Mission 2 - "Drawing Deeply From The Well"
Location: USS Hornet- Ready Room

Darf was excited to be back on a Starfleet vessel. It had been quite a few years from his time stationed on DS6 to his time back in the Empire. There was something about the smell of Fleet ship. Now on the Hornet he figured first order of business will be to check in with the ships Captain. As Darf checked in he found out that the Captain and XO where both in the ready room. This was a good thing as it will kill two birds with one stone. He made his way up and as he strode across the bridge he took it all in as he pushed the door chime...


"Ah Mr. Darf Welcome aboard. This is Captain Koralova. Captain may I present Lieutenant Darf of the house of M"Rek." Amanda said.

"Captain this is our new security chief I was telling you about." The XO continued.

Inside, Larisna had adorned the office with numerous pictures from Trill and around the Saint Petersburg region of Russia, along with a painting of the Hornet commissioned at her launch, and on a shelf, three ship models sat. A New Orleans, a Steamrunner and a Galaxy, reminders of her previous postings.

Larisna stood up and extended a hand, "Lieutenant Darf, a pleasure. Captain Larisna Koralova. Welcome aboard the Hornet."

"Thank you both for the warm welcome.". Darf said as he took the extended hand in greeting and gave a nod to the XO. "I am very excited to be back in Starfleet and getting a chance to explore the stars.". He put plainly sure they had already looked over his packet.

"Of course." Larisna said, gesturing to the chairs, "I kind of understand that myself, why I'm glad to be out here and not at Starfleet Academy anymore. Can I get either of you something to drink?"

"I do not desire anything at this time." He boomed in his stereotypical deep Klingon voice. "It is a fine ship you two have here. I am anxious to check out both the Armory and the Tactical console." He explained his plans.

"I would be grateful for some herbal tea, Captain." Amanda said.

"Tell me Mr Darf, what have you been doing with your time since the last time you were in Starfleet?" Amanda asked.

"Well simply I joined up with the Empire and worked for the Klingon Defense Force as a kind of work release way to earn my family name it's honor back. My honor which used to be one of the great houses had been spoiled by the actions of my Father who was a smuggler and a scoundrel. I went before the High Counsel and made a claim to banish my father from House M'Rek and was told I had to serve in the KDF for 5 years." He explained in one fail swoop. He had been prepared for them to ask. Mr. Darf stated.

"One Herbal Tea, one Sbiten, Hot, Sweet." Larisna said to the replicator and returned to the desk.

"Oddly enough, we have another part Klingon officer on board, our Chief Engineer." Larisna said as she sipped the dark colored and frothy drink, "Of House Morlag. I don't know how up on Klingon politics she is, but I do understand the value of one's House and bringing honor and glory to it. If there are any doubts that you have properly resolved matters on Qo'nos, bring them to me and I'll settle it. We'll leave how up to the situation if and when that comes."

A slight smile crossed her face before she continued.

"I'll be more than happy to take stock of the Hornet's tactical and security situation with you, I started out in that same track. But the short answer is that we're still doing just fine. Century isn't as Tactical focused as Sovereign, but aside from the minor details, we got a lot of the same hardware and software. I personally prefer the targeting sensors on this class, means actual gunnery isn't dead yet, and give it some time and you might be able to get it to conform to something a bit more comfortable for you. Sovereign kind of is stuck how it came out of the box." Larisna explained.

"But of course, before we go, if there's anything you'd like to discuss or ask about, by all means." She concluded with another sip.

"You must have accumulated a lot of experience in the KDF. Did you see a lot of combat"? Amanda asked. Silently sipping her tea.

"Well to be honest things are not great within the Empire. Most of my time was not deployed to anything more then putting down insurrecting Warlords." Darf started to explain. "Things are so fractured that it really limits the Empire from any plans to grow especially in making new discoveries. Part of the reason as soon as my family name was restored I was so eager to rejoin Starfleet." He finished.

"It's not as bad as it was before I joined the Academy, at least. Open warfare between the Great Houses, Gowron trying to solidify his rule at all costs. Martok at least has had his war record and lack of aristocratic ties to make him more relatable." Larisna commented, "Plus the Empire is about the only ally the Federation has with the Romulans fragmented. The Cardassians are trying to keep to the Treaty of Bajor, but we've got the Tzenkethi and the Breen picking fights with us, not to mention some of the Romulan factions..."

"At any rate, Lieutenant. I'm not against new ideas or integrating things that are still compatible with Starfleet into our tactics, strategies and so on." Larisna said, taking another sip of her drink.

"I will keep that in mind as time goes along. Anything else I can do for you guys as we get back out there?". Dart asked his new bosses.

"Yes It would be help to assemble and train a SART (Search and Rescue Team). You can use the holodeck. Do you think you can do that?" Amanda asked.

"Not an issue at all. Do I have any restrictions in forming the team. I would like to pull specialists in as needed from other departments." Darf liked the idea.

Larisna sipped her drink but arched an eyebrow at her XO. This was news to her. She lowered the drink.

"For now, let's start with a rough draft, Lieutenant. Pull the roster and records and then submit to me a list of potential recruits. I've seen the concept floated a few times, though not much comes from it." Larisna said, "And I rather specifically made it clear to Admiral Quinn I wasn't going to take any Marines on the Hornet because we are exploring, not looking for fights to pick. We'll discuss it more once you're situated, though. No sense in telling you to form a team when you haven't even looked over your station or met your own staff yet. Situate yourself first, Lieutenant, and then we can get further into this and we'll sit down and hash it out in a staff meeting."

She stood up, "ngemHom vItuQmoHlu'bogh vIchovnIS. tojmaj qorDu'maj ra'wI'." Larisna said with a smile. We will burn away the darkness of ignorance. Our victory is knowledge.

"Something I was told after the Second Battle of Chin'toka by the Klingon Captain who rescued the survivors of the Savannah after the Breen shot her out from under us." She explained.

"I would say a very wise Captain. As I see you are as well.". He said as he stood as well. "It is a pleasure to meet both of you and I look forward to our adventures." He said with a slight bow.

"If there isn't anything else then please carry on and welcome aboard." Amanda said.


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