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Meeting of the Scientific Minds

Posted on Sat Sep 19, 2020 @ 5:57pm by Ensign Jae Luzon & Lieutenant JG Steven Edgeware

Mission: Mission 1 - Angstrom Operation
Location: Science Lab

In one of the Hornet's science labs, Ensign Jae Luzon was busy at work, buzzing about back and forth, pacing with a PaDD in hand as he scrolled through skimming the test results from their research work. The ensign was also mentally crunching the mathematical equations in their head when the doors to the lab opened. Jae did not pay any attention to who had entered the lab nor what they were doing; however, as soon as they finished reading through the PaDD of information, they found that they were of course not alone in the lab. The entrant had actually been a superior officer which was not uncommon. Practically everyone with an officer's rank outranked them, and it not, then they was equivalent to Jae. Of course, even other ensigns tended to have more experience than Jae did. "Good morning," Jae greeted the other officer. "I apologize if I'm not supposed to be here right now. I just needed a quiet place to think and mull over this data for a few moments" Jae explained.

Steve’s journey had been quick. Returning to his quarters Edgware set a new record. In changing into his uniform then grabbing all his clothes and stuffing them into his kit bag. Then armed with a padd containing his transfer orders left at full pelt.

Even the Transport shuttle journey and meeting up with the USS Hornet had been fast. Once he was cleared Steven was able to become a member of the crew. He dumped his kit bag in his new quarters. Then walked towards the Science Lab. He knew it was not his shift yet. But Steve was to excited to wait.

Double checking the turbo lift car was there. When he stepped into the lift. Edgware arrived at one of the science labs. There was someone already there.

“ It is ok I should not be here yet. Steven Edgeware pleased to meet you” He said extending his hand.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance," replied Jae reaching out to shake the man's hand. "Ensign Jae Luzon, science officer," the young ensign said introducing themself to the man. "Welcome to the USS Hornet, Sir" added Jae with a small smile.

Steven smiled at his new colleague. Then he looked around at the science lab. It was just as good if not better then the Rangers. He looked at one of the electrical microscopes. Not only did it offer a virtual infinity magnification lens. But also it projected a medical force field around the sample. So you could work on something really dangerous. Plus it had a mini transporter so you could beam a cure in.

“ This place is fantastic. Can I help you with anything? “ Steven asked.

Jae smiled meeting the man's pleasant offer. "Oh that is a kind offer, but I will be alright. It is not mission related data or anything, just some of my own personal stuff that I have been working on when free time allows" Jae explained. "I am always getting myself invested in a side project or two or several if I'm to be honest. What's your area of expertise, Lieutenant?"

Steven had to think about that. This had changed since he had left the Academy.

“ Actually all sciences really. But my major one has to be botany. I love flowers and plants. From their cellular makeup to the flowers. Some of them produce. The different fruits you can get. That are really seed carriers. The way they reproduce using insects or in sane cases Mother Nature herself...... sorry I am babbling.” Steven said blushing.

"That's alright," replied Jae. "Sometimes, it is just appropriate to stop and smell the roses" noted Jae. "I did not really specialize in anything. I took more of a broad scope."

Steven noticed a light flashing. He told Jae to hold on and walked into the CSO office. A few minutes later he came back looking pale.

“ That.....was the CO........ I the CSO! Plus they want me on the away mission....... I’m back.......oh my.......I’m back to where I was.......” Steven started jumping up and down with glee. Then remember he was not alone. Stopped and blushed.

“Sorry” He said

Jae smiled and nodded. "Congratulations," Jae added pleasantly. "Sounds like you have a lot ahead of you. I'll leave you to get settled in your new position."


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