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I am a human not a blob.

Posted on Sat Oct 3, 2020 @ 8:57am by Lieutenant Penny Mc Taggard

Computer begin recording.

Right......oh hang on......ahem....

Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Edgeware Chief Science Officer USS Hornet. Personal Log Yes one.


Before being released from Starfleet Medical after my little fall. Down the turbo lift shaft on the USS Ranger. Starfleet security came to the conclusion. That as no one was out to murder me. The accident was my attempt at suicide or I was a changeling. Thankfully Starfleet Medical personnel have more sense. Well a bit. Not a lot. Just a bit.

I am not a blob of goo. So it was deduced I was suicidal. After weeks with counsellors and a rather over sarcastic therapist. It was finally deduced. That it was a million to one accident. But they asked to keep a personal log. Just in case they were wrong and I am suicidal.

Well. Here we go...... yes after a few days not only am I still walking around. Without falling down any lift shafts. But I have been made CSO. This is great I never thought I would get my old position back.

Just about to join the others on the away team. Something strange is going on below and we need to investigate. Must be serious as we have to wear environmental suits.

Not scared really. Just feel sorry for the people below. Hope we can help them. Must remember to be professional.

Oh it’s getting near kick off time. Need to go.

Computer end log.


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