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XO's personal log Stardate 239410.31

Posted on Sat Oct 31, 2020 @ 5:06pm by

After the Angstrom Mission and the death of our executive officer I found myself promoted and assigned as executive officer. I find myself very well suited to this as I am a natural leader. I don't think I will let this crew down.

I will probably where two hats for the time being until the captain can get a replacement ops officer to cover that particular section.

Jedre has requested two weeks of leave that have been granted. apparently her father is quite ill. We have no shortage of security officers to fill the gap.

I wish to commend Lt Edgemore and Lt E'Lor for outstanding performance of there duties during the Angstrom Mission. without there technical expertise we would not have been able to complete the mission.

I will be putting both in for commendations.

Log out.


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