First Officers Log Stardate 239508.08

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First Officers Log Stardate 239508.0

The starship Hornet has been docked in orbit of Cestus III getting a new command and control pod installed. The Monarch class has yet to be mass produced, so while some parts are modular others aren't and we are having to fabricate new or better fittings. The ship itself is a little smaller than I am used too but it seems much more advanced.

Captain Koralova has issued a recall of all leaves and has ordered the department heads to check in within 30 hours. There seems to be a lot going on with diplomats however I've been working on getting this ship ready for departure. Last week, I actually dreamed I had been on leave for months. I had learned how to surf and was getting a great tan on Risa. I wonder if we are all in some kind of temporal causality loop. I know it's not true because I would have memories of it if it were true. There always seems to be more work. I beamed down to the surface yesterday and caught a ball game between the Cestus Comets and the Pike City Pioneers. I had a pretty good time. I forgot how relaxing and engaging catching a sporting event could be. The Pike City Pioneers defeated the Comets 7 to 5. I even picked up a Pike City Pioneers ball cap.

I contacted my parents. My sister Janice graduated with honors from college. I gave my apologies for not being there. Of course that was over a months ago.

I don't know if she plans on joining star fleet or not. I don't think she will I mean she could have gone to the academy.

Anyway its onward to work. Log out.