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Not tied to any mission, a chance for the crew of the USS Hornet to interact and develop outside of the mission environment. ((Solo posts are allowed but joint posts are encouraged. Please make sure to indicate in the appropriate place when a post falls in relation to a mission. The setting cannot be ahead of the current mission and any posts during should be cleared by the CO or XO prior to posting here))

Start Date Thu Jan 1, 1970 @ 1:00am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
On The Dusty Trail
by Captain Larisna Koralova & Lieutenant Rei Yamashi
USS Hornet, Holodeck
Session 2
by Captain Larisna Koralova
Stardate 2392.089 Starfleet Academy
Session 1
by Captain Larisna Koralova
Starfleet Academy, San Fransico, Earth
Auld Lang Syne
by Captain Larisna Koralova & Lieutenant Rei Yamashi & Lieutenant Penny Mc Taggard & Lieutenant Jaro Antos
New Year's Eve 2394 / New Year's Day 2395 Ship's Lounge "Hornet's Nest" - USS Hornet
Choice In Decor
by Captain Larisna Koralova & Lieutenant Rei Yamashi
Lounge "Hornet's Nest" - USS Hornet
Down In The Lab
by Captain Larisna Koralova & Lieutenant Penny Mc Taggard
En-Route To Skyhook Alpha, Mission 2 Deck 7, Chief Science Officer's Office
Chance meeting
249402.03 Officers Mess

Mission Summary