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“The main force in man is the power of the spirit.” - Yuri Gagarin

"Be brave. Be bold. This is Starfleet, get it done." - Captain Christopher Pike

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2394 - The Dominion War has been over for nearly 20 years and yet we live in an era of uncertainty and the memories of loss have become fear and paranoia creeping down. But there are still those who look to the future and the promise of a new day, who refuse to let themselves be pulled down into darkness by fear and instead boldly step forward into the unknown. The crew of USS Hornet are among those who seek out answers to questions and new questions to be asked, always looking forward and never backward.

For us, there is no enemy greater than the challenge of doing what must be done without undoing the dream of the Federation or turning our backs on the mandate of Starfleet. We will always be out there, pursuing the unknown and if you are up to the challenge, then we want you on our crew. Join us today and together, we will uphold the traditions of Starfleet. In the words of Captain Christopher Pike, “Be bold. Be brave. This is Starfleet. Get it done.”

Latest News Items

» Happy Star Trek Day

Posted on Thu Sep 9, 2021 @ 5:29am by Captain Larisna Koralova in General News

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Hornet. Our continuing mission - to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!

Just a Happy Star Trek Day to everyone - if you haven't yet, check out all the new stuff coming our way. It's a time to be a Trekkie, stuff's coming out left and right like it's the late 90s!

Every story we write, every interaction we work on, every plot we build, we add our own little bit to Gene Roddenberry's vision that started as a pitch of "A Wagon Train to the Stars". Our visions may differ, our ideas may change, but we are all inspired by the stories we watched, the characters we came to love and admire, and the lessons we took away about the hope of tomorrow being a better day for all of us.

So from me to you all, Happy Star Trek Day.

-Captain Larisna Koralova
-CO, USS Hornet

» Crew - We Are Live

Posted on Thu Aug 5, 2021 @ 2:10am by Captain Larisna Koralova in Sim Announcement

Come One, Come All

The USS Hornet is back in business!

Discord -

Once you're all present and we see who all we have joining us, we'll talk the first redux mission!

This is gonna be a good one. In the words of Captain Pike - "Helmsman, punch it."

-Capt. Koralova

» Knock Knock - Hornet Calling!

Posted on Tue Jul 13, 2021 @ 10:45pm by Captain Larisna Koralova in Sim Announcement

Hello all you wonderful people out there!

So, surprise announcement, but while I am still working out the details with our awesome Fleet Operations, the USS Hornet is returning. But we're gonna have a few tweaks.

Firstly - We're moving to the Monarch-class. This PF exclusive ship class will be retconned in as our class, and it's only fitting that the Hornet be the one to set off in style with this fantastic new class.

Secondly - We're doing a bit of a reboot because the goal is to bring more in from the PF canon that has been a bit of a quiet spot for the Fleet on the whole.

So, this is where I am writing you. I don't have the Discord set up yet, so you'll need to PM me or email me.

You all have first dibs on your current positions - but you need to claim them or else I'm going to assume you're out for good and can't rejoin and they go back up for grabs. I'd like notification no later than 7/24/21 if you're rejoining. If you want to change your character but keep the position, I will allow it.

Otherwise, have a fantastic day


» Status of Sim - 4/2/21 - PLEASE READ

Posted on Fri Apr 2, 2021 @ 9:00pm by Captain Larisna Koralova in Sim Announcement

Hello Everyone,

I don't have any way to really say this eloquently, so I'm just going to say it. I am going through some severe stress right now, and the sharply falling crew activity levels have also not helped. I am not in a state to continue with the ship and I also feel that we maybe need some time away while I figure out what to do and how to bring back the Hornet.

As such, effective immediately, the USS Hornet sim is on Hiatus until further notice. No further posts will be made, no applications will be accepted, and I will be closing the Discord server in one week - 4/9/2021.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at or on Discord.

Until then, fair winds and calm seas.

Captain Larisna Koralova
Commanding Officer, USS Hornet

Latest Mission Posts

» Shuttle Project

Mission: Mission 1R - Vigilance Be Our Shield
Posted on Mon Oct 11, 2021 @ 2:43pm by Lieutenant Jaro Antos

Antos had read up on everything Chief ch’Thranne gave him on the shuttlecraft project, which was now greenlit by the Captain. What may have started as a pet project, now had obvious benefits to the ship and crew, particularly given the current context they found themselves.

In truth, it was…

» A Little Perspective

Mission: Mission 1R - Vigilance Be Our Shield
Posted on Mon Oct 11, 2021 @ 11:36am by Lieutenant Commander Kaedon Draesni & Captain Larisna Koralova

ON: [[Observation Lounge, USS Hornet, Mission Day 01, 1104 Hours]]

Draesni waited as the other members of the staff got up from their seats. A few of them nodded to each other or exchanged words, some even going so far as to plan time to meet later to coordinate final…

» Shifting Tides

Mission: Mission 1R - Vigilance Be Our Shield
Posted on Wed Oct 6, 2021 @ 3:19pm by Captain Larisna Koralova & Lieutenant Rei Yamashi & Lieutenant E'Lor Yeserina Daughter House Morlag & Lieutenant Sakkar & Lieutenant Penny Mc Taggart & Lieutenant Calvin Hirsch & Commander Amanda Malloy & Lieutenant Commander Kaedon Draesni & Lieutenant Jaro Antos

It was the second day of the evacuation operation. Tensions were hanging in the air, anyone who saw the sensor readouts could see groups of Klingon and Gorn warships on either side of borders. It was like swimming in a tank between two shark tanks, but knowing at any moment,…

» Blessings of the Prophets

Mission: Mission 1R - Vigilance Be Our Shield
Posted on Thu Sep 30, 2021 @ 7:30pm by Lieutenant Jaro Antos

Antos entered the living space he shared with Aiko, with a moderately sized padd in hand, which was to be his homework after a long duty shift. Unlike earlier during the day, he had quickly learned that it was far preferable to have all the information on one device rather…

» Checks and Inspections

Mission: Mission 1R - Vigilance Be Our Shield
Posted on Tue Sep 28, 2021 @ 8:32pm by Lieutenant Jaro Antos & Lieutenant Sakkar

The Bridge of the Hornet was a hub of activity as personnel from the alpha shift filed in relieving their colleagues from the night before. It was no different for Antos. Following the staff meeting from last night, he had gone to shuttle bay to provide updates on the meeting…

Latest Personal Logs

» First Officers Log Stardate 239508.08

Posted on Mon Aug 9, 2021 @ 8:12am by Commander Amanda Malloy

First Officers Log Stardate 239508.0

The starship Hornet has been docked in orbit of Cestus III getting a new command and control pod installed. The Monarch class has yet to be mass produced, so while some parts are modular others aren't and we are having to fabricate new or better…

» XO's personal log Stardate 239410.31

Posted on Sat Oct 31, 2020 @ 5:06pm by Commander Amanda Malloy

After the Angstrom Mission and the death of our executive officer I found myself promoted and assigned as executive officer. I find myself very well suited to this as I am a natural leader. I don't think I will let this crew down.

I will probably where two hats for…

» I am a human not a blob.

Posted on Sat Oct 3, 2020 @ 8:57am by Lieutenant Penny Mc Taggart

Computer begin recording.

Right......oh hang on......ahem....

Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Edgeware Chief Science Officer USS Hornet. Personal Log Yes one.


Before being released from Starfleet Medical after my little fall. Down the turbo lift shaft on the USS Ranger. Starfleet security came to the conclusion. That as…

» another day of Security

Posted on Sun Aug 23, 2020 @ 4:26am by

Jedre walked into her office to check in on padd work, making sure everything is up to date, and check on other security officers and what their position on the ship is.
She had some security near the captain on the bridge to make sure they were safe during voyages…

» Operations and what we do.

Posted on Sun Jul 26, 2020 @ 9:12pm by Commander Amanda Malloy

Chief of operations log Stardate 2393.0726

I've been going over some of my more mundane but numerous activities, So I wanted to start this log off my stating my purpose.

The operations officer, also referred to as the ops officer or operations management officer, is a Starfleet position within the…